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Heart Screening - saving young lives
 Dan's memorial fund has paid for 2,603 Young people to be screened; 98 of those have been referred for further investigation.

Mission Statement

"To provide heart screening for a minimum of 200 young people per year"

The aim of the Dan Hughes memorial fund is to raise money to stage heart screening sessions for people aged between 14 & 35. Initially we planned to stage these just in our local area but through raising awareness to various business’s and groups we have now staged them in 6 other locations and are looking to expand this further.


Below is a list of our screenings completed to date, this we have pre booked and paid for and unfortunately those which should have taken place during the COVID-19 pandemic but had to be cancelled, these will be updated with rescheduled dates as soon as we have them. Each day now costs £5,000 to stage so we are extremely grateful to all our supporters and sponsors who have helped us to achieve screening 2,308 young hearts to date

Below is the details of our heart screening programme, to the left we are pictured with Mark Williams who was the 1,000th person 

to be screened via Dan's memorial fund and below that is the flyer to our very first screening day  back in 2016.

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