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Contributions 2015 - 2016

 Below are a few examples of  how people supported us during 2015

Please visit Dan's  facebook page to see all the donations we receive.

In May 2016 a team from BAE Systems in Barrow did the 40 miles Keswick to Barrow walk to raise funds for Dan's memorial fund, The picture on the left is myself  receiving a cheque for £650 from  supply chain manager Sarah Farrow 

Pete & Carla from the Plough in Bignall End have supported us in many ways since Dan died; during 2016 Pete had his beard shaved off and they donated the proceeds from their Christmas light switch on to CRY. We managed to get a photo with Pete but it was taken after his beard had grown back. In total the donations amounted to just over £1,100; thank you to Pete, Carla, the staff  and customers for your generosity.

Each year since Dan died we've walked the Potters 'arf marathon and collected money in the buckets, this was taken before the 2016 walk .  It's not a huge fundraiser but it's one that means a lot to us as a family.

Jeanette Franks & Sylvia Mason held a fund raising evening at Peaches Chinese Restaurant in Newcastle in October and raised £900. A lovely night was had by all which included a raffle and a game of heads and Tails Bingo. They are pictured along with Beth Shaw who helped out on the evening.

In December we held a concert with Audley Male Voice choir at Audley Methodist Hall; The evening was sold out and raised  just over £800.

Sue collected a cheque for  £3,432 from Banks Sheridan Accountants ,  Crewe in October 2016.

Thank you to  Potteries waste  for  donating £1,000  to Dan's fund instead of sending xmas cards. Thank you to Deane Jervis, (Pictured with Laura, a member of staff) for your generosity..

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